3 things you can do to grow from a Good to a great lifestyle

You already have a great life, right? But you feel that it could be even better. Here are 3 things you can do to go from a good to great lifestyle.

  1. Eliminate limiting beliefs
  2. Simplify your life
  3. Reach your goal


  1. Eliminating limiting beliefs means finding out what your limiting belief about an issue is. Often it will be a blind spot you won’t be able to see. Or it could be what meaning you attached to Events, situations or relationships to people and or things.

Once you identify what the block is you can reason what it looks like. If you cannot describe it with a color shape and location it’s unreasonable therefore only exists in your mind.

Know that you are not that meaning or belief.



Three common blocks are:


  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not important
  • Mistakes and failure are bad


Start eliminating those and you are well on your way!



  1. Simplify is a lifestyle choice. When life feels overwhelming too stressful or just busy all the time. It is time to simplify. In a world with so many stimuli every day from our phone collega’s friends and family, traffic and media it is very common to be stressed. You want to manage everything but that could be a significant challenge as time passes.

The solution is to get down to the bare minimal with all elemente of your life. It could mean redefining what these elements mean and do they serve your goals.

Pick your battles. Feedforward and move on. Declutter your life have a clear understanding of your end goal and take smaller steps. Move slower speak slower connect your intuition and you will know what choices you need to make.


  1. Identify your end goal and understand what means goals are. Your model of your dreamlife can be achieved. A means goal is mostly stuff you do to get what you want. An end goal could be building an orphenage in India or helping girls get an education in illiterate regions or something closer to your home. It doesn’t have to be about saving the world. It could be simply getting your family back together after a severe feud. What matters is that you identify that goal and be very specific. Chances are opportunities will present themselves to you to reach that state of bliss!



Combination of Lefkoe method, Marshall Goldsmith approach, Fearless coaching and Minimalist lifestyle.


Relationships, how we build to last

Faces of happy senior African American couple, focus on woman

When I ask people about what makes your relationships successful and happy usually the same ingredients keep popping up. Receiving your partner’s respect, intimacy, conversation, hugging, etc. Successful and happy relationship traits are basically valuing and seeing your loved one fully and respecting him/her in all glory. However we still need to overcome some blind spots to have any relationship be successful.


In conversations with couples I have notices a pattern that is contaminating the relationship without us being aware of it. We mean well but the result can be toxic. Conversation and communication is the obvious trait to work on in any relationship. Especially when we learn about the differences in men and women communicating. But I would like to discuss another important desire in many relationships that are intentionally positive but can unintentionally drive your partner away.


We tend to ask the other person to accept us as we are completely. This can work to a certain point but it usually leads to frustration.

Asking someone to accept you as you are means you are asking them to not be themselves when they encounter you in a place that is not contributing to the relationship.


Any lasting relationship takes two people who are willing to be open and grow from a mental and spiritual point. Willing to be vulnerable and say to each other I may not be good at this or I may offend you with my behavior but will you help me be better?

Tell me when i am not respecting you?

This gives me the chance to change. I don’t see my blind spots but you do.


How do you show up in your relationships?

Leap forward

Helping others become better is a calling to me. My mission for a better mankind and a beautiful world. As people I believe we long to be part of a tribe and that tribe has become more and more complex because of our social status, our work-life balance and our dreams. Some of us struggle to find fulfillment and toggle between work and home.

Are they in sync?
Is your life balanced and moving along smoothly?
Or do you experience bumps in the road of your career or personal life?
Do you feel you can do better but you aren’t sure how?

Let’s have a chat I’m sure I can help you towards that quantum leap you’ve been dreaming of.