Are you performing at your peak potential?

Are you on top of your game? What about the next level?

What sentence is driving you?

Comfortable where you are in your life?

You could be underperforming even when you are successful

Why do you do what you do?

Want to know what is holding you back from success?

How much are you investing in yourself?

If you don’t invest in you why would someone else?

Are you on top of your game?

"..our 4-stage rocket will propel you to greatness but Rocket science it's not."

Speed Coaching

Don’t let time be a hurdle in your progress. In 15min blocks I help you focus and take that next step. Use your daily commute to reflect, discuss or ventilate whatever it is you are dealing with. Bite size and effective. Speed Coaching Davinci style.

ESI transformation

Immerse yourself in transformational conversation. Together we set out your road map for your personal development.  This is deep dive coaching to brake through that glass ceiling you encountered. Let’s get you to the next level! Start your leap from 5 sessions.

Sexy Leadership the ESI way

Intense coaching for the professional with a busy schedule. A full day of immersive coaching 1-on-1. Deep conversations are an important part of our way to help you visualise what you really want and need to work at. We address your professional and personal goals. A deep dive to make that quantum leap in life.


3 things you can do to grow from a Good to a great lifestyle

You already have a great life, right? But you feel that it could be even better. Here are 3 things you can do to go from a good to great lifestyle. Eliminate limiting beliefs Simplify your life Reach your goal   Eliminating limiting beliefs means finding out what your limiting belief about an issue is. Often it will be a blind spot you won’t be able to see. Or it could be what meaning you attached to Events, situations or relationships to people and or things.…

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Relationships, how we build to last

When I ask people about what makes your relationships successful and happy usually the same ingredients keep popping up. Receiving your partner’s respect, intimacy, conversation, hugging, etc. Successful and happy relationship traits are basically valuing and seeing your loved one fully and respecting him/her in all glory. However we still need to overcome some blind spots to have any relationship be successful.   In conversations with couples I have notices a pattern that is contaminating the relationship without us being aware…

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Leap forward

Helping others become better is a calling to me. My mission for a better mankind and a beautiful world. As people I believe we long to be part of a tribe and that tribe has become more and more complex because of our social status, our work-life balance and our dreams. Some of us struggle to find fulfillment and toggle between work and home. Are they in sync? Is your life balanced and moving along smoothly? Or do you experience…

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